CT System Sales Trust RadSource Imaging Technologies for affordable CT system sales. We have a number of CT portable scanners in our inventory at this time, including the Samsung CereTom Portable 8 slice scanner that is known for its signature high quality imaging capabilities in any patient location. Call us at 866-680-3380 with questions about our CT systems.

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Plagiocephaly Helmet

CranialCareUSA can prescribe a plagiocephaly helmet for your infant for cranial remolding. If you suspect your baby's head needs professional cranial reshaping or you've received a referral to a specialist from a pediatric doctor, we offer a free parent-staff consultation to provide you with additional information about our services. Cranialcareusa.com

Mommy Tummy Tuck

Speak with our staff at The Plastic Surgery Institute about a mommy tummy tuck to take care of post-delivery bulges and problem areas not responding to diet or exercise. It's common that new mothers require help getting back to their pre-pregnancy figure- you're not alone, we have helped numerous new mothers just like you regain their beautiful shape. Edwardjlovemd.com

Sarasota Affordable Care Act

First Benefits Group
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If you are overwhelmed, confused, or unsure about the Sarasota affordable care act, First Benefits Group can assist you by telling you more about it and developing strategies, which allow you to maximize your benefits while reducing long-term costs. Make an educated decision and choice. Visit our website for details.