Project Description

Apollo DRF

DR RF combined room – Apollo DRF goes beyond the separation between radiography and fluoroscopy. The innovative Dynamic Flat Panel Detector operates as a full digital modality for both high resolution radiography and high frame rate fluoroscopy. One room, one detector and one imaging platform are all you need to perform an extensive range of applications that typically require multiple devices when based on legacy equipment. According to your workload and patient workflow requirements, you can instantly switch from general radiographic studies, to high volume chest exams, trauma exams, or contrast studies such as GI, urological and vascular investigations.

Dynamic Flat Panel technology

The new dynamic detector delivers up to 30 frames per second for fluoro procedures. For general radiography, the detector delivers the same image quality of the widely used detectors for DR applications. The large 43x43cm / 17″x17″ active area is suitable for examination of any anatomic region and provides almost 50% more coverage than a 16″ Image Intensifier. The combination of wide coverage and high image resolution extends the application of the fluoro suite to areas such as chest, pelvis and extremities, which can’t be done with conventional image intensifier based systems. The Flat Panel technology delivers sharp and accurate images to support your diagnosis and is not affected by geometric distortion which is typical of Image Intensifiers. .

Maximized Workflow

To facilitate the transfer and positioning of patients, the table can be lowered down to 60cm / 23″ delivering immediate benefit for small patients or disabled persons. The AGS function – Auto Grid Selection – automatically selects one of two grids to match the SID. The grid can also be automatically removed for non-grid applications, such as pediatrics or extremities. The exam preparation time is greatly reduced by the automatic pre-positioning of all table movements, according to the exam procedure selected by user in the main screen. The large tabletop size and the patient weight capacity up to 284kg / 626lb. without restrictions of the table movements open the way to bariatric patients. The use of one single detector for both fluoroscopy and radiography offers an unparalleled range of applications that includes all the most common general radiographic procedures, GI studies, tomography and vascular studies. Exams can be taken on the table with source to image distance up to 180cm / 71″.


  • Dynamic Flat Panel 43x43cm – 17″x17″
  • Dual Digital imaging mode: high resolution exposure and high speed fluoro
  • Variable Source to Image Distance: 110 to 180 cm??/ 43″ to 71″
  • Automatic selection of two grids and grid parking
  • Minimum tabletop height: 60cm / 23″
  • Patient capacity up to 284kg / 626 lb.