Project Description


Turn your desk into a multi-functional workstation that handles all your imaging needs with FCRView.

FCRView lets you manage studies like never before. It combines the power to acquire images with an innovative image viewer and a comprehensive archive system so you can initiate and preview exposures, process and print studies and back up patient data all from one workstation.

Designed to address the specific imaging, diagnostic and workflow needs of the private practice physician.

Customized anatomical menu sets, rapid image preview display, and the ability to flip and rotate from the image preview screen help ensure that images are acquired and viewed correctly and quickly. Advanced technologies such as Grid Pattern Removal, Flexible Noise Control and Multi Frequency Processing make sure images are displayed optimally.

The system’s robust DICOM image viewer allows for full image viewing and manipulation capabilities. Facilities have the option to add up to four additional client workstations which can help streamline workflow by allowing front desk staff to schedule exams and have the information immediately available to physicians in the exam room or in their office.

The FCRView has the capacity to store between 15,000 and 20,000 images on line, providing automated notifications to remind users to back up at customized intervals by transferring the images to DVD. As needed, DICOM images can also be sent to DVD or CD for transfer to other institutions for referral or second opinions, and can be output in either jpeg or bitmap image file formats for sharing with patients or use in presentations.