Project Description

Dynamic R/F Upgrade Solution

The FluoroSight ECO is —the world’s first—dynamic flat-panel upgrade solution for existing GE AdvantX and Precision 500 classic R/F systems. The FluoroSight ECO allows your department to maintain your existing mechanics: the tilting table, overhead suspension, and wall stand; and replaces the imaging components that influence image quality:  a new 65 or 80kW high frequency generator, Thales 4343RF flat-panel R&F detector, and Thales DuetDRF image acquisition software. The FluoroSight ECO is a more ECOnomical, ECO-friendly, and time saving option to buying new R&F systems!


Models Available to Retrofit

  • GE AdvantX RFX-2/SFX-2
  • GE Precision 500


  • Fluoroscopic Exams
    • Upper GI / Barium Swallow
    • Lower GI / Barium Enema
    • Arthrogram
    • Myelogram
    • Speech Pathology:  Modified Barium Swallow / Cookie Swallow
  • Radiographic Exams
    • All radiographic exams using overhead suspension


ECOsystem Friendly

  • Uses existing imaging system
  • Less scrap, metal and lead back into the environment
  • Replaced components go back into community for service
  • Not an entirely new system

ECOnomy Friendly

  • Less cost than buying a new flat-panel RF system
  • Less installation cost and time
  • Practically zero room prep costs
  • Limited downtime and cost for room renovations compared to new equipment
  • Less state specific costs related to equipment replacement vs. retrofits


Options Available:

  • Thales 3543EZ Wireless Detector to be used for bucky work (table / wall stand), integrated into same acquisition
  • Thales 3543EZ Wireless Detector with ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO Tablet for enterprise imaging throughout the department when not using the room