Project Description

Samsung GM85 Mobile X-ray System

Winner of the 2017 iF Design Award for its compact design and optimized workflow, the GM85 equips with a slim, ergonomic design which allows easy access around tight spaces, even in elevators, by its 555mm narrow width and about 40% lighter weight (at 349kg) than previous models. Applying Samsung’s world-class user-oriented design capability, the device offers a collapsible column which gives users clear visibility when moving the system and broadens access to smaller spaces. Its adaptive soft-driving control and front-bumper sensor also help make navigation safer. Moreover, the Quick-positioning allows handle-free, precise body movement by simple button clicks on the THU (Tube Head Unit).

Ultimate driving experience

Small footprint

The small footprint of GM85 improves user convenience when moving through narrow hallways and being positioned in tight patient rooms. Its light weight enables easy navigation and allows users to get on elevators with the device safely and comfortably.

Safe navigation

Collapsible column enables safe navigation by securing a clear view. Light Pressure on the handle is enough to control the speed of the device easily. The sensor on the front bumper automatically stops the device with a short braking distance.

Time-saver Battery

New battery technology guarantees fast charging and efficient battery management. GM85 powers up to 100 % in only 2~4 hours and long-lasting battery gives you the power to keep going for all day without additional charging.

* Fully charged battery supports 220 shots and 20 km(12.4 mile) of moving distance. * Test Condition : 80 kVp/400 mA/5 msec/30 sec intervals, moving in maximum velocity (5.6 km/h) * Charging time will vary according to the capacity of the wall outlet, which will be different for each country.


S-Align™ provides precise alignment for superior imaging. The angle of the detector is displayed on the THU (Tube Head Unit) to enhance image quality during free exams. When the THU and detector are within a certain radius, the angle can be automatically fitted.

SID Guide

SID (Source to Image Distance) Guide supports multiple SID settings to aid precise device positioning. Also, the quick positioning function offers handle-free, accurate maneuvering of the device by allowing Quick Positioning from the THU.


The multi-touch function allows users to control and adjust images easily and intuitively with fingers only. Pinch gesture enables the user to zoom in and out while the two-touch shutter makes image cropping easy.

Detector charging and storage

Large storage spaces carries detectors and personal items for convenience. Radiographers can charge detector and detector battery while traveling and Detector locking function secures detectors to prevent loss.

S-Detector ™

Wireless, lightweight S-Detector™ with high DQE and a portable grid displays the patient’s body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose. Three available S-Detector™ sizes support imaging of various areas.

High DQE

produces high quality images.


includes dose reduction capability.

S-Vue ™

Samsung’s S-Vue™ imaging engine delivers dependable and accurate diagnoses through advanced processing and adaptive filtering and provides enhanced image contrast and sharpness.


SimGrid streamlines the workflow for users as it works without a conventional portable grid. It reduces alignment errors, lowers retake rates and allows superior image quality even without the use of a grid.

Tube & Line Enhancement

The TLE (Tube & Line Enhancement) function improves the clarity of images with a single on-screen click. A companion image is created and processed to enhance the visibility of the tube and line to help diagnoses.

Auto filter

GM85 offers automatic filter configuration by selecting designated protocols which feature 3 different filters (0.1/0.2/0.3 mm). All filters are configured and applied automatically according to the selected protocol.

Pediatric exposure management

Optimized 6-stage weight dependent imaging enables pediatric patients to avoid unnecessary x-ray exposure with precise dose management. Devices can also be fitted with a child friendly cover design*