Project Description

iQ-WEBX Report Converter

iQ-WEBX Report Converter stands out as a leading solution to maintaining consistent and up-to-date reports between multiple information systems and PACS. iQ-WEBX Report Converter converts reports to the appropriate format while also matching reports to the corresponding studies or cases in those systems.

iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER is a module for our iQ-WEBX PACS that uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to automatically convert and transmit DICOM Structured Reports and HL7 text reports between information systems and iQ-WEBX. This process applies to new reports as well as to corrections and additions to existing reports.

The most innovative feature of this application is its intelligent allocation function. iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER first queries for the matching study or case and attaches the properly formatted report. Using this method, a consistent matching between cases, studies and reports can be achieved.

iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER is the complete solution for up-to-date, consistent reports in every system.

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