Project Description


iQ-WEBX WADO Server Solution is the solution for easy image access integrated into any hospital information system (HIS), practice management system (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

iQ-WEBX WADO Server Software provides a secure web-based interface, integrating iQ-WEBX into other web-based or thick client based medical information systems.

Referring physicians can access images and reports via this interface using the login of their existing information system – without having to log in once again. An automatic authentication process ensures the accurate access from virtually any other medical information system.

The settings of iQ-WEBX WADO are exclusively specified within the web browser. The user can choose between either a conventional view of imaging or a presentation of the results in the iQ-X ActiveX viewer with many additional image processing tools.

Other Features:

  • Direct integration into iQ-WEBX administration interface (NEW)
  • Study/image evaluation in the fully-featured, diagnostic iQ-X ActiveX viewer
  • Adaptable to virtually any medical information system (HIS/RIS)
  • Auto-open browser and listing results, fast and easy configuration with GUI
  • Contact us for more information on what iQ-WEBX WADO can do for your facility.