Project Description


iQ-Worklist can interface with most radiology, practice, or hospital information systems, read scheduling data and create DICOM worklists for imaging modalities.

iQ-WORKLIST helps you accelerate the imaging workflow and avoid typing errors.

iQ-WORKLIST can be easily installed and configured due to the included configuration presets. It is reliable and easy to maintain. A worklist broker ensures that the imaging data is consistent throughout all medical information systems.

In addition, it can read HL7 order requests (ORM/OMG), patient update/merge messages (ADT), and also accepts BDT/GDT or structured text files as a data source.

Three versions are available to meet all of your connection needs:


for a maximum of 2 modalities


for a maximum of 10 modalities


for an unlimited number of modalities Also includes an ADT module for patient reconciliation support.