Project Description

Legacy R/F System

  • Advantx 65 kW High Frequency Generator
  • Legacy 90/30 Tilting R/F Table
  • GE ISFD Intelligent Spot Film Device
  • Fluoroscopic Undertable Maxiray 100 High Speed X-ray (350,000 Heat Unit) Tube & Collimator
  • Advantx Plasma Display Control – Touch & Turn Operators Interface Console Advantx 12″ High Performance Imaging System:
  • 12/9/6/4.5″ Quad Mode Image Intensifier
  • XT Overhead Suspension System for Radiographic Tube Unit & Collimator
  • Radiographic Maxiray 100 Overhead High Speed Anode 350,000 Heat Unit Tube
  • Pausch Tilting Wall Bucky with Size Sensing and Overhead Patient Hand Grip
  • Installation and Training Provided Specifications subject to change based on the model and software version of the system you choose.

Other manufacturers and models available. Please call for latest pricing and availability