Samsung Radiology

Over the years, clinical radiology has seen many rapid advances in technology. At RadSource Imaging Technologies, we supply the latest Samsung Radiology products to make it easier for health facilities to diagnose and treat illnesses.

What are the benefits of Samsung radiology?

There are many benefits of using our Samsung radiology equipment as a diagnostic tool. First, our clinical radiology equipment makes it much easier for doctors to determine if patients require surgery or not. Also, the equipment can make it much easier for doctors to make a quick diagnosis and identify possible ways of managing various body conditions.

Using our equipment, doctors can undertake interventional radiology, which has a whole range of benefits including shorter recovery times and less risk. Clinical radiology equipment also plays essential roles in visually guiding doctors to treat various health conditions including stroke and cardiac diseases. In addition, early detection of breast cancer is now possible thanks to clinical radiology.

Computed tomography (CT) scans

CT scans make it possible for doctors to visualize human anatomy in exceptional detail. Some of the benefits of this clinical radiology technology are that it is fast, accurate and painless.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

This technology is often used to produce images of soft tissues that will otherwise be impossible to get through x-rays.


This is a safe, quick and radiation-free imaging technology that is often used to monitor fetal development. There are many types of ultrasound technologies including 3-D and 4-D ultrasound.


This is probably the most common imaging technology in the world. It is fast, painless and non-invasive, and is often used to diagnose bone conditions including fractures and dislocations.

What is the difference between radiology and radiotherapy?

Radiology and radiotherapy are two branches of medicine with the former using medical imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment of diseases while the latter uses radiation for treatment of illnesses like cancer.

Radiology or diagnostic imaging includes tests that take images of the human anatomy. It plays a vital role in the management of various diseases. At RadSource Imaging Technologies, we supply medical imaging equipment that helps doctors to detect and treat diseases.

Our equipment can provide detailed images that show the changes that certain diseases cause to human anatomy. They can be instrumental in the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other illnesses.

Today, it is nearly impossible for doctors and other healthcare professionals to manage patients without medical imaging solutions. For many illnesses, doctors rely on clinical radiology for diagnosis and treatment.

RadSource Imaging Technologies is proud to be associated with all the benefits of medical imaging in disease diagnosis and treatment. We supply healthcare facilities with radiology equipment so that they can be better placed to take good care of patients.

We can help your hospital or healthcare facility with site planning, installation, and removal as well as refurbishing or upgrading of medical imaging technology. Contact us today to discover the RadSource difference.

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