Article provided by: Twin Cities EMR Consulting, LLC

Sayit Medical Software

If you’re thinking about purchasing SayIt Medical Software, Twin Cities EMR Consulting can give you some very good reasons why SayIt is the right solution to your current recording issues. Most medical software programs are costly and don’t offer the right solutions for most medical facilities. SayIt is different; find out more by visiting the Twin Cities EMR Consulting website.

If you'd like a live demo of SayIt Medical Software, a specialist from Twin Cities EMR Consulting would love to show you more. Just fill out the convenient online contact form by clicking on ‘SayIt’. You’ll find it to be the very thing you’ve been searching for all along, just like so many in the medical field before you.

Your subscription-based license with SayIt is just $54.95 per month, per user, with free continual updates, free support and never any contract to sign. You can unsubscribe at any time! With SayIt Medical Software, you can dictate from any device that can access your EHR, and if you don’t have an EHR, it’s no problem, you can dictate anywhere that you can type. There’s no installation whatsoever, so you don’t have to worry about a costly, difficult start up process. For implementation and training, Twin Cities EMR Consulting offers low up-front costs per user.

Consider the benefits of using cloud-based speech recognition through SayIt:

If cost is a factor- and we all know that it is- you’ll find SayIt offers one of the most cost-effective solutions you’ll find. SayIt makes it possible to avoid paying the high price of software up front, and expensive upgrades every time the product comes out with a new one. Twin Cities EMR Consulting can help you get set up using SayIt at a low monthly cost with the most current version of the software. Cancel absolutely anytime you wish.

SayIt is highly portable! Since you won’t be running it on your location work station, you’ll be free to use SayIt on any and every device you and your staff wish. The SayIt technology can be used on Mac and Windows-based devices to avoid the hassles of compatibility with your speech recognition software.

Tech support is always at your fingertips. When you subscribe to Sayit through Twin Cities EMR Consulting, your monthly cost includes state of the art support from experts who are ready to assist you any time you need help. It’s just one of the many perks you get with SayIt Medical Software.

SayIt’s designers have built their software with the user in mind, so you won’t have to deal with a program that is difficult to understand or will take a long time to master. Simply log in and start dictating! There is no voice training with SayIt Medical Software.

You’re going to love using SayIt. Twin Cities EMR Consulting would be delighted to schedule a free, live demo for you and your staff to learn more about SayIt. When you call to request your demo, ask about discounts and promotions that may help to bring your final costs down even more. Call an expert today at 952-808-9419 or get connected over the website.