Looking to maximize your facility’s budget while upgrading your medical imaging equipment?

If so, then look no further than a RadSource refurbished medical imaging system.

We jump through exhaustive hoops to make absolutely sure the systems you receive are outstanding and customized – holding up to the expectations of today and tomorrow. Shortcuts are unacceptable. No other radiology equipment sales and service provider or OEM can match our integrity, quality, client retention rate or customer service.


We begin every refurbishment by staging the system and breaking components down to paint. All mechanical and electronic components are thoroughly cleaned and tested. Any components that fail to meet specifications are replaced.

Quality Paint Jobs

Our full-service paint booth allows us to bring any system to like-new status. It is our standard practice to color match every surface, using OEM paint or custom mixed colors, depending on the system requirements. Top to bottom color matching is, surprisingly, a unique offering. In fact, most new systems have various shades between different components. You could say our refurbishments often look better than new.


Providing a product that is bug-free and works as advertised is a mandatory goal on all refurbishment projects. Exacting inspections by highly experienced personnel makes this goal a reality. As the process moves forward, we are able to reassemble and fully stage the system. Calibrations are performed, and the equipment is further tested in-house. This allows us to identify and address potential issues before the installation takes place.

Fast Installations

By spending the extra time to rigorously test the system at our warehouse, we ensure that the installation goes smoothly. At the end of our refurbishment process, the goal is to have a system that not only exceeds expectations in its functionality, but also looks amazing.

There is a Difference.

The RadSource difference is in our commitment to providing outstanding customer care every step of the way.

We supply the most innovative healthcare systems on the market with a service department dedicated to maximizing your up-time and minimizing setbacks.

Our Guarantee to you:

  • Initial intensive diagnostic testing (96+ tests)
  • Strip down, clean and sand to bare metal
  • Inspect electronic boards and mechanical operations
  • Build up damaged or dented panels with Fiberglas or resin
  • Assemble and check all components for efficiency and accuracy
  • Prime with acid-etched primer and re-sand
  • Repaint with 3-part aircraft-grade paint system, including hardener
  • Lubricate
  • Apply appropriate decals and inspect
  • Review and sign-off by quality assurance team members
  • Receive OptimaOne Certification
  • Deliver, install, train and follow-up